Between Cranberry and Orange

You came into my life via an infamous swipe to the right. Entirely unaware of how you would change my life and re-open my soul. Conversations quickly cracked the surface wide open, reaching depths I forgot existed. With you, I felt as if my armor didn’t even get a chance to rest on my shoulders, it never left it’s hooks where it always sits so readily available. You asked me questions I didn’t know existed, challenging me to unearth answers I didn’t know I had. In a time when I felt so broken, you pieced me back together with words and care. In the beginning, I wondered if this was it, if this was going to be the romance I had been so desperately searching for.  For so many reasons I truly believed it may be. You saw me exactly as I was, and cherished the parts of me that I love and hate.  You didn’t ask me for change, you only challenged me to see me for me. Your curiosity re-ignited the spark that had dimmed. Thanks to you I was able to day dream again, to believe that romance does in fact exist. And you did this through all kinds of ways. One of my absolute favourites being when you asked me to lay in the street.  Yes that iconic moment in my beloved movie, The Notebook, it happened to me. We may not have danced, you may not have sang to me, but together we laid down in the middle of willow street between cranberry and orange looking up at the sky through the trees.  In the end the romance slipped away from us, but what was left was a friendship so unique and so beautiful my hopes for romance between us escaped me all together. We will forever have our moment between Cranberry and Orange, and the image of the sky through the trees will always have a place in my heart.


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