Quiet Exterior

There were no bright lights or overwhelming sky scrapers, no famous monuments or museums; instead there were trees that reached for the sky and water as calm as a bowl of holy water not yet broken for blessings. Our rookie paddle strokes clumsily entered the water with splashes that broke the silence we were so... Continue Reading →

Between Cranberry and Orange

You came into my life via an infamous swipe to the right. Entirely unaware of how you would change my life and re-open my soul. Conversations quickly cracked the surface wide open, reaching depths I forgot existed. With you, I felt as if my armor didn’t even get a chance to rest on my shoulders,... Continue Reading →

Rewriting Darkness with Light

Vulnerability and I have led a troubled course together in life.  It's caused me great anxiety, tremendous heart break, much needed relief, and liberating freedom. Being vulnerable is by no means an act that leads to a consistent result; in fact if anything it tends to cause a haphazard game of 52 pick up involving... Continue Reading →

Blinded by the End Goal

“What’s your end goal?” one of my long-term friends asks via text message. I stare blankly at the screen, dumbfounded, as I don’t have an answer, or at least not one that’s concrete in any sense. It’s a question I have been asked countless times in the past 32 years, and one that I used... Continue Reading →

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